Welcome Baby Charlotte

Congratulations to Jeremy and Katie, who welcomed baby Charlotte Coco Lenhardt to their family (and the world) on Monday, January 24!

JACS Cover

Our recent report on “molecular stress relief” and the real-time observation of a polymer growing longer as it is pulled has been highlighted on the Dec. 22 cover of JACS.

Stress Relief Work Highlighted

The lab’s work on “molecular stress relief” has been highlighted by the ACS as “Noteworthy Chemistry” in its Dec. 13 edition. Noteworthy Chemistry is a weekly feature produced by the American Chemical Society that collects and summarizes innovative ideas from the larger body of chemical literature. Originally designed as the “Heart Cut” department in the ACS publication CHEMTECH, Noteworthy Chemistry has become a valuable stand-alone resource for today’s informed chemistry professional.

Molecular Stress Relief in JACS

Dong and Jeremy’s paper on “molecular stress relief” has been published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. Using force spectroscopy, it is possible to observe a single polymer molecule literally growing longer in real time at strains that typically would lead to chain scission.  The increased toughness at the single molecule level has possible consequences for the design and synthesis of new stress-responsive materials.  The paper involves a collaboration with Prof. Boris Akhremitchev of the Florida Institute of Technology.