Unzipping ladderanes

Congrats to Tatiana, whose collaboration with the Xia and Martínez groups at Stanford has just bee published JACS!  Read more here about just how difficult it is to unravel these exciting mechanophores, and the structural features that influence their activity.

Force-modulated reductive elimination

The rate of reductive elimination of biaryl products from Pt complexes can be modulated through force applied to bisphosphine ligands, as demonstrated by Yichen and our collaborators at the University of Liverpool.  Yichen et al.’s paper on the subject has just been accepted at Chem. Sci.!  Read it here. Congrats to Yichen and all involved!

Fellowship winners announced

Way to go Liqi & Shu, who have been selected as recipients of the Paul M. Gross Fellowship and Charles Bradsher Fellowship, respectively, for the Spring of 2022!  So happy to see your hard work and accomplishments recognized!

More of the best news possible!

What better way to follow up on a successful Ph.D. defense than to welcome another member to your family?  Congratulations to Brandon and Sarah, who welcomed baby Elijah to the world on Thursday, roughly 24 h after Brandon’s defense!  All are home and doing well, and we’re thrilled to have two new “group babies” to celebrate in a single month!