More of the best news possible!

What better way to follow up on a successful Ph.D. defense than to welcome another member to your family?  Congratulations to Brandon and Sarah, who welcomed baby Elijah to the world on Thursday, roughly 24 h after Brandon’s defense!  All are home and doing well, and we’re thrilled to have two new “group babies” to celebrate in a single month!

Dr. Brandon Bowser!

Another day, another Ph.D.!  Congrats to Brandon on his successful defense and impending move to Lord next month!  We’re sorry to see him leave the group but so happy that he and his family will be staying in the area!

Dr. Zi Wang!

Congratulations to Zi, who successfully defended his dissertation “Engineering Mechanics of Polymers and Gels through Molecular Design” on June 7!  We are sorry to see Zi leave, but excited for him as he starts his postdoctoral position with Brett Helms at LBNL next week!  Way to go, Zi!

Best news possible!

Congratulations to Evan and his wife Natalie, who just welcomed their beautiful baby boy (who is reported to be Evan’s clone) into the world this week.  Baby Everett is healthy, happy, and (quite obviously) handsome.  Best wishes to the happy family!

Resolving individual reactions of cyclobutanes

The same substituent effects responsible for differences in macroscopic force-coupled properties of polymer networks have now been observed and quantified in individual molecules!  That behavior is described in “Single-event spectroscopy and unravelling kinetics of covalent domains based on cyclobutane mechanophores,” which has just been accepted for publication in J. Am. Chem. Soc.!  Congrats to Brandon, Shu, Tatiana and our wonderful MONET collaborators on this work.  Read about it here.