Current openings. Our lab is seeking qualified post-doctoral candidates interested in any of the following areas: (a) mechanisms in mechanically coupled reactions; (b) molecule-to-material property relationships in polymer networks; (c) the development and application of cutting-edge polymer chemistry data tools in outreach, research, and translation. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Interested applicants should describe their areas of interest and submit a CV, including a list of publications and the contact information for three references, via this link on Academic Jobs Online.

Candidates interested in applying for the MOSAIC Fellowship in the MONET CCI should submit an application in parallel, as described here.


You must apply for admission through the Duke Chemistry Department.  Students can also obtain degrees in the University Program in Materials Science, but it is not currently an admitting program.

See above. Please contact our principal investigator directly with any questions.

We welcome interested and motivated undergraduate researchers from Duke and other institutions, both during the academic year and over the summer. Advanced technical skills are not necessary, but all candidates must possess a strong interest in chemical research, a desire to tackle as-yet unsolved problems, and an uncompromised work ethic.

During the academic year, Duke undergraduates may participate for course credit through Chem 393, 394, 493, and 494 (Independent Study). A minimum commitment of 20 hours/week for Chem 393 and above is required.

Important: For anyone interested in either independent study or a research internship, the group has transitioned to using MUSER ( for all undergraduate research opportunities. Look through the site for available positions (in this lab and elsewhere) and apply through MUSER as well.  We have become convinced that MUSER is the best way to ensure that opportunities and access are as broadly available as possible to our undergraduates.

If you are interested in a summer research position, Duke students must either take Chem 393, 394, 493, or 494 for course credit or apply for fellowship support through the appropriate mechanisms (contact the principal investigator for details). Summer research positions entail a full–time (>40 hours/week) commitment to research for a minimum of 10 weeks.

Contact the principal investigator for further information about any of these opportunities.