Welcome New Group Members!

A big welcome to Chun-Yu Chiou and Daniel Duan (joint with Widenhoefer), who are joining the team for their Ph.D. work!  Really excited to have them in the lab, and can’t wait to see where their scientific exploration takes them!

Hoodings happened!

Congrats (again) to our 2020 Ph.D. grads Yudi (right) and Yangju (left), who were back on campus this weekend to participate in their much-delayed hooding ceremony and graduation event!  Fun, but no surprise, to see that they’re tearing it up in the new positions!  We miss them!

Unzipping ladderanes

Congrats to Tatiana, whose collaboration with the Xia and Martínez groups at Stanford has just bee published JACS!  Read more here about just how difficult it is to unravel these exciting mechanophores, and the structural features that influence their activity.